Rubbercork is an agglomerate composite, joining two primary products: high quality natural cork granules and rubber, natural or synthetic. The result is a final product, which, beyond being very wear resistant, is excellent oil and heat resistant, making it an ideal sealant for various types of applications in the automobile and electrical industry. Its flexibility is also remarkable as it can be bent around sharp edges without breaking.

Rubbercork is an ideal sealant for various types of applications, due to cork’s recovery properties, which allows Rubbercork products to regain its original shape after compression, keeping its former shape, sealing and insulating properties.

Automotive Industry sealing solutions (gaskets, etc,)
Electrical transformers gaskets
Many different types of gaskets for Industrial applications
Acoustic and noise reduction (anti-vibration) for light & machinery, construction, railways, etc.
Flooring and underlayment

37"x25"| 40"x40"| 50"x30" 
Different thicknesses from 1mm up to 150mm 

915 mm | 1000 mm | 1220 mm.
Different lengths depending on the thickness, which is normally between 1mm and 8 mm.

Other sizes and customized lengths are also available on request.

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