Anti Vibration Cork.

The Natural High Density Insulation Corkboard is a product designed to insulate vibrations, showing a higher volumetric mass.
This product is normally supplied on the following types (densities):

Type I - 175/190 Kg/m3   - (11/12 lbs/cu ft)
Type II - 210/222 Kg/m3 - (12/14 lbs/cu ft)
Type III - 240/255 Kg/m3 - (15/16 lbs/cu ft)
Type IV - 290/320 Kg/m3 - (18/20 lbs/cu ft)

The deformation of the corkboard of higher density is brought about by the higher volumetric mass.
Deformation of the heavy density corkboard under load.

Volumetric mass: 170/320 Kg/m3
Thickness: 2,5 cm
Pressure: 1Kgf/cm2 - 1daN/cm2

Other sizes or specially tailored specifications can be developed to your specific requirements.

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