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08 May 2019

Why Cork Flooring Solutions.

Cork Flooring is a unique product! Cork has outstanding technical properties and now with innovative production techniques we are able to offer unlimited design possibilities. Combining state of the art technology with cork’s natural cushion-like elastic memory microcells, CORKSRIBAS presents a wide range of innovative and environmentally friendly flooring solutions, which provide a unique combination of benefits, namely:
Cork’s natural thermal insulation properties makes CORKSRIBAS Cork Flooring pleasantly warm. They provide a warm and cozy floor temperature even for bare feet. Due to cork’s natural ability to prevent energy dispersion, it gives a sense of comfort all year around.
Body Comfort:
Walking on cork flooring cannot be paralleled in terms of comfort. They have the perfect balance between excessively hard or soft floors, and are easy on the body since they reduce tension and fatigue on your feet, joints and back due to cork’s elasticity. 
Cork Flooring has an excellent sound absorption as they can reduce 53% the walking sound compared to laminated floors. This is due to the unique structure of cork.
When choosing the right floor make sure you consider the resistance as a key decision factor. CORKSRIBAS Cork Flooring, withstands years of wear and still looks as good as the day it was first laid. This is a result of the extremely resilient surface finish and, of course, the unique structure of cork.
Indoor Air Quality 
The indoor air quality it’s an extremely important point to be considered in the moment you’re choosing your home floor. Our cork floors meet A+ indoor air quality standards! Furthermore, the surface finish on CORKSRIBAS Cork Flooring prevents trapped dirt, dust, germs and mold, actively contributing to a healthy and hygienic environment.
100% Sustainability 
CORKSRIBAS Cork Flooring are made with natural materials harvested from the Cork Oak (without any damage to the tree) and are therefore the environmentally friendly alternative to other flooring options. Cork floors are a sensible and ecological choice.
Easy Maintenance
Due to their surface finishing characteristics and treatment, CORKSRIBAS Cork Flooring are prepared to be clean easily with a normal cleaning mop.
CORKSRIBAS Cork Flooring is the ideal natural Solution to your home!

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