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12 July 2019

The use of cork as a decoration material.

Cork has been dazzling us for generations. Although there has been a lot of innovation in the cork industry, the majority of people still see cork as a wine stopper.
With a global concern regarding environmental issues and the urgent reduction of plastic use, designers and influencers urge for sustainable decorative materials.
Cork as a 100% Natural, Recyclable and Reusable material turned into the most sophisticated, modern and wished decoration element that fits designers and architectures sustainable choices. The number of new products and solutions, attests the unprecedented level of material’s versatility.
It can be combined with other materials resulting in products and projects where cork stands out.
Considering the CORKSRIBAS product range, it is possible to verify how diverse the applications of cork based products are.
Feel free to navigate through cork decoration application’s gallery and inspire yourself for your next project.

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