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28 June 2019

Cork as a Vibration Control Solution.

Cork is 100% natural and has unique mechanical, physical and chemical properties, allowing the product to have a great performance in vibration control.
Cork is very versatile, light, elastic, flexible, impermeable to gases or liquids, and a good electric insulator, as well as a thermal, sound and vibration insulator. Due to its cellular structure, cork can combine all of this in one simple 100% natural, reusable and recyclable material. 
From the process of combining cork with other materials like rubber– CORKSRIBAS obtains the most sophisticated products generating great solutions to a wide range of applications.
 All the cork’s cells are filled with a mix of gases similar to air which allows the dissipation of vibration energy, giving to the materials operational effectiveness in a wide range of frequencies.

1. Comfort and protection of the equipment.
Vibration control is very important and essential to protect not only the infrastructure around it but also the equipment that can be damaged in a long term. CORKSRIBAS vibration control products have a great performance in both areas providing comfort and protection.
2. Cork & Rubber Performance
The combination of cork and rubber, amplifies their characteristics as a vibration insulation material. This combination adds resistance to corks mechanical properties, as well as chemical compatibility, in products which are easy to cut and shape into the final application.
What are the Advantages?
High Durability | Thermal Insulation, Acoustic and Anti-Vibration simultaneously| Low Water Absorption | Indoor Air Quality | 100% Recyclable and Reusable in other applications.

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